Uploading Your Own Artwork

The Drawing Board allows you to upload these two common file formats:

.PNG (Easier)

  • All .PNGs must be 1 color and have a transparent background.
  • Please upload your image to size at 150 dpi (dots per inch).
  • .PNGs can and must be colored after uploading. Simply click on the image and choose a color from the drop-down menu!
  • If you have a file that you need to convert, or if you need to make a .png image transparent, this site works great. https://onlinepngtools.com/create-transparent-png

.SVG (Advanced but better)

  • Popular programs that can save vector art to a .svg file format include: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, and the open-source (as in FREE) Inkscape.
  • Before uploading make sure to crop the page to the size of the artwork.
  •  All paths must be ungrouped, and combined into one object.
  • If you are having trouble optimizing your .svg file for uploading to the site, feel free to email it to us, and we can usually optimize it for you.
  • .SVGs can and must be colored after uploading!